Thursday, January 31, 2019

365: Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

January 31 is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day. We celebrated by making a little art of our own with homemade ice paint. The instructions on how to make the ice paint are at the end of the post.

This may have been the most fun Jude has had in his 8 months so far, and it was by far the messiest he has ever been. It made Whipped Cream Spaghetti look clean. The ice paint will stain, so be mindful of fabrics especially. I didn't think about the straps on our highchair, so now we have tie dye straps.

I had Jude do his painting at his highchair so he would stay contained. I wish we could have done it outside. We will definitely do this again in the summer.

To start off, I prepared the homemade ice paint a few hours before we painted. When we were ready to begin, Jude wore just a diaper to keep his clothes safe. I almost left pants on, but thankfully didn't because Jude had fun dropping the paint onto his lap during the painting session.

Jude almost immediately grabbed for the paint and rubbed it on the paper. I was pretty surprised that he tried to see what it did before eating it. It seems like our daily projects are starting to help him explore what he has in front of him before immediately shoving it in his mouth.

I did show Jude how to make little circles. He started mimicking me for a while, then got too curious and started tasting the paint. It's safe to consume, so I tried to just let him play how he wanted. He chewed it, bashed it on the paper, rubbed it around, and watched as pieces melted. He played for about thirty minutes before the ice was mostly melted and the papers were nearly covered.

I was fearful at first that I was going to have a tie dye baby for a few days, but a nice soak in bubble bath thankfully got almost all of it off of him without too much scrubbing. Below is Jude's final products.

Homemade Ice Paint Project

  1. food coloring
  2. water
  3. a popsicle mold (or small containers with little craft sticks would work too)
  4. watercolor paper 
  5. painters tape
  1. Fill the molds up 3/4 of the way
  2. Put a few drops of desired color in each mold
  3. Let freeze for an hour or two
  4. Tape watercolor paper down to tray
  5. Paint! 


  1. Oh I love this! What a great idea!

  2. Oh yes! We need to do the ice paint. This is so cute. Art days are my favorite.