Wednesday, January 30, 2019

365: Croissant Day

January 30 is Croissant Day. The logical path would have just been to eat croissants, but the plague is still at my house, we had no croissants, and it's below 0 degrees outside. So, instead, we went hard mode and made our own paper croissants out of toilet paper rolls and decorated them.

Before I talk about what we did, I want to say that this activity is not suited for an under 1 year old. It took both Jay and I to make sure he didn't chew off a piece of cardboard. If your child is not in the "everything must go in my mouth" stage, this would be a fun rainy day activity when you're feeling a little bored and a little creative. These would go well for a teddy bear tea party to add a little extra pizzazz!
Jude was much more interested in chewing the cardboard, baking sheet, foil, and paint stick then actually decorating. We did talk a little bit about the origins of croissants, so that was good. Below you will find the step by step if you would like to make your own paper roll pretend croissants.

Paper Roll Pretend Croissants

  1. Paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls
  2. Paint sticks, paint, or markers
  3. Hot glue gun (for an adult to use!)
  1. Unroll the toilet paper roll (just follow the natural tear of it)
  2. Reroll starting in one corner and roll tightly stopping every inch or so to hot glue
  3. Let the glue harden for a few minute
  4. Give decoration materials to your tiny chef and let them get creative! 
  5. Serve at your next teddy bear tea party! 

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