Friday, January 4, 2019

365: Braille Day

Mama, Jude, and Hanna in braille

January 4 is Braille Day. I purchased a book to read to Jude, but it got lost in transit. Instead, we raided the craft bins and found materials to make braille cards with our names. Below are the instructions if you are interested in creating your own button braille cards.

Jude enjoyed running his hands over the buttons while we talked about how some people are visually impaired. We will be holding on to them so we can continue referencing them. I look forward to continuing the conversation about braille and other accessibilities for Jude as he gets older.

Braille Name Cards: 
Step 1: Find out how to make your name in braille. We used this website.

Step 2: Cut card stock down to whatever size you would like your cards to be. I did about 2x4.

Step 3: Draw the braille cell on each card and lay buttons down for each letter.

Step 4: Hot glue the buttons down to the card and enjoy your braille name cards! 

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