Friday, January 4, 2019

Learning for Littles: Sheep [Step by Step]


Theme: Animal (sheep)
Objective: to learn about sheep
Senses: [touch] cotton ball sheep, [hear] listen to sheep sounds
Sensory activity: Bin with cotton balls, sticky sheep art
Talking points: colors of sheep, sounds of sheep, feeling of sheep, counting sheep
Supplies: [for sensory bin] cotton balls, bin [for sticky sheep art] cotton balls, sticky surface (paper plate/glue, contact paper)

Invitation to Play

Put out a few sheep related items (sheep toys, cotton balls). Let the child explore to build interest in the play topic.

Talk through the basics of sheep

Discuss what they look and feel like.
  • collective: herd or flock
  • colors: brown, grey, white, black
  • sound: baa
  • baby: lamb

Hide and Seek Sheep

Hide sheep figure in cotton balls in a bin to encourage child to explore the feeling of the cotton. Talk about how sheep are soft like cotton balls.

Play BaaBaa Black Sheep

Catchy music helps add an extra element to a child's understanding of the subject. Let the child play while listening.

Create a sticky sheep with the cotton balls

Use a material that is already sticky for younger children. If doing the activity with an older child, use a paper plate and some glue for them to create their sheep while working on their gluing skills.

To see how we played using these activities, click here.

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