Tuesday, November 5, 2019

365: Election Day

November 5 is Election Day. We flexed our right to democracy and went to the polls!
This is Jude's third time at the polls (once in utero, once last November, and today), and this was definitely the hardest year with him. This is because Jude loves to run. He also likes to yell, and in a quiet voting room, that seems to be discouraged. Oh, and, he tried to unplug the machine that counts the ballots.
Despite these hurdles, Jude had an okay time. He did love the stickers he got. The women running the polls thought he was the sweetest thing, so they gave him an extra sticker. I also let him run around the halls of White Oak Middle (where we vote) to get some energy out.

Vote! Vote! Vote! It's your right!

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