Wednesday, November 6, 2019

365: Benjamin Bannerker Week

November 6 is part of Benjamin Banneker Week. During Benjamin Banneker Week many schools will pick one day to celebrate mathematics. It is normally celebrated by creating a 12-hour clock using mathematic equations or creating a mathematics poem based in the style of Benjamin Banneker.
I am self-admittedly not much of a math person, so we took our celebration a different way. A long while ago, I got this Melissa and Doug clock puzzle. To celebrate this holiday, I took it out and gave it to Jude for the first time.
We did the puzzle for a little bit. We also counted the numbers and moved the hands around. After Jude had his fill, I got a little creative (but not with math equations). I wrote things that Jude does every week on the back of the number in Sharpie. The idea is that every morning we will move the hands to two things that Jude will be doing that day. I included play in case there weren't two items that day. There are blank ones to add to in the future. I'm hoping this help Jude get a sense of his routine. I also really like that they can flip back to be the clock if that's what we are working on (all of them flipped correctly except for the 2). I love a good multipurpose toy!

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