Saturday, November 16, 2019

365: Button Day

November 16 is Button Day. Buttons are fun. Buttons are functional. Buttons are versatile. We love buttons! We did a fun little buttons fine-motor activity.

I want to start by saying, you know your child best. If they put everything in their mouth, this may not be the activity for them. This is also a with supervision activity. Buttons are small! 

Jude recently has begun focusing on the transportation schema of play. He loves to move objects from one place to another. Sometimes he gets up and physically moves them, but other times he is just happy to move things from one container to the next. I have been trying to focus on child-led play activities, so I took this interest and made a button activity where I asked Jude to transfer the buttons from a bowl to a recycled creamer bottle. It was simple enough. Jude was totally engaged for about thirty minutes putting the buttons in the creamer bottle and then pouring them out. It was an easy set up, engaging, and best of all -- based on his interests.

Button Transportation


  1. two containers
  2. a dozen or so buttons 


  1. Encourage your toddler to move them from one container to the other and then back. 
  2. Use mathematics vocabulary like in and out
  3. Move the containers further apart and encourage the toddler to move the buttons from one to the other and back with the distance change.

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