Wednesday, October 2, 2019

365: World Farm Animals Day

October 2 is World Farm Animals Day. Jude loves animals. He especially loves farm animals, so we were excited to get to celebrate this holiday.
We started our World Farm Animals Day by going up to Parky's Farm in Winton Woods. It is also Nature Walk Wednesday, so it was a two for one. I wasn't aware that a significant portion of it closed down after Labor Day, but we made it work any way. I let Jude lead me around (except when he tried to run into the pond), and we did what he wanted.

We walked up near the flowers first. Jude was particularly excited about the vast open space for him to run around in with wild geese. We had to talk about how geese aren't really fans of people, but they were fun to admire from afar. We stopped and looked at flowers. Jude ran around in wire tunnels that had some plants on them.

After the flowers, we headed to the petting zoo part of Parky's. This is where we crashed a preschool field trip on accident. I think maybe the petting zoo was just open for the field trip, but we made our way in and Jude got to see some farm animals up close. Jude was drawn to the chickens. I think he felt a connection to their unpredictability. Jude is starting to mimic animal noises, so we spent some time practicing animal noises too. We also practiced them on the way home. I have noticed that Jude is happiest in the carseat if him and I are talking and I'm asking him to make noises or do simple things (like clap, stomp, etc).
Later on in the day, I set up an invitation to play for Jude. It was a small bucket with white and purple rice. In the rice, I put the letters to spell out farm, small plastic farm animals, and some colorful beads. I offered Jude a magnified glass, 2 scoops, and 2 grabbers to help interact with the bucket. He played for a while. We talked about animal sounds and spelled farm a dozen times.
Once we were finished, I took the objects and rice and put them in a Learning Resources sensory tube. This made it so the tube can be brought into the playroom and used to reenforce what we learned today for days to come!

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