Tuesday, October 1, 2019

365: Black Dog Day

October 1 is Black Dog Day. We are lucky enough to have 2 wonderful dogs and 2 wonderful cats, and one of those dogs is black!
Leo is our rescue dog. The day we got Leo, I convinced Jay to go up to PetSmart knowing well that there would be dogs for adoption outside. We had just bought our house, and I wanted a friend for Scout. Leo was the most chill dog, and we both loved him. Five years later, we can't imagine our life without him.
Of all of the pets, Leo loves Jude the most. They play and hangout. Jude pets Leo, and Leo doesn't run away. To celebrate the holiday, we went outside, played with Leo, and we fed him some treats. Jude tried throwing his ball to him. They also chased each other around the yard. We are so grateful to have our black dog!

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