Thursday, October 24, 2019

365: Family History Month

October 24 is part of Family History Month. When I think of family history, I tend to think of far back history. Specifically, I think of the countries that my ancestors came from. Instead of taking that route to celebrate, we just looked back one and two generations from Jude to my nuclear family (Jude's maternal grandparents, aunt, and uncle).
I grew up in airports. My parents worked for the airlines, so we flew for free. That means that we flew everywhere. Even places that were only a 90 minute drive. We would just hop on a plane and go. My childhood tastes like tiny plane pretzels and sounds like the roar of the engine during takeoff. The airlines are a huge part of who I am today. I love to fly. Jude hasn't flown yet, but he does love planes. I like to think it's in his blood: the love for travel and airplanes.
We visited the CVG Airport Viewing Area. They have a little fenced in play area with some plane bouncers and small slides. Right on the other side of the fence is a small field, a larger fence, and then the airport runways. If you go at the correct time, you can watch planes take off and land. Jude loves chasing after the planes, pointing, and saying "hey! hey! hey!" to prompt them to return. It warms my heart how much he loves planes.
Family history doesn't have to be where your family came from long, long ago. It can instead be the culture that brings your more recent family together. I hope to have the opportunity to share with Jude what made me who I am today as often as I can!

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