Friday, October 25, 2019

365: Celebrate All The Holidays Day

October 25 is Sourest Day, Punk Rock Day, Greasy Food Day, International Artist Day, and Pasta Day. All were viable options of holidays to celebrate, but we decided to go hard mode and celebrate all of them. Here is how we celebrated each.

Sourest Day 

For Sourest Day, Jude ate a lemon. He surprisingly loved it.

Punk Rock Day

For Punk Rock Day, we gave Jude a faux hawk and encouraged him to let out his best indoor punk rock roar. 

Greasy Food Day/Pasta Day

For Greasy Food and Pasta Day, we ate at Skyline Chili. It was greasy. It was pasta-y. It was delicious. 

International Artist Day

For International Artist Day, Jude did some watercolor painting at Lily Pad. He is getting better and better every time we go at holding the paintbrush and painting! 

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