Wednesday, October 30, 2019

365: Checklist Day

October 30 is Checklist Day. With all of the learning, blogging, socializing, and general running around-ing we do, we live off of a checklist to make sure everything gets finished. So, today, we worked through our checklist to have the most well-rounded day we could!

Item #1: Tinkergarten

Wednesday is a Tinkergarten day. This is the third week that I have been leading twice a week sessions. If you aren't familiar with Tinkergarten, click here for more information.

Today was mud day. It was also raining which added quite a bit of extra prep and clean-up. Jude wasn't as engaged as some of the other learners because of his fearless independence, but when he was engaged he was having a great time!

Item #2: Jude - Nap, Mom - Self-Care

I am trying to remember to take time for myself while Jude naps. I don't have pictures of it because I was busy not thinking about blogging or babies, but I spent today making some roasted chickpeas for later, watching TV, and talking to a friend on the phone. It was nice to take a small break.

Item #3: Snuggles

After nap, Jude and I snuggle for a little bit if we have time. Today, I put it on our list and made sure we had time. It's my favorite part of the day.

Item #4: Playing

Jude woke up from his nap, and we played for a while. When Jude is independent playing, I try to be present to play with him or assist if he asks for help, but for the most part, I just sit back and watch. I stepped in to make a ramp for his cars, showed him how to do it, and then let him play.

Item #5: Learning

I try every day to do some sort of play activity that has a specific learning focus to it. Today, I pulled out a new shape sorter for Jude. We talked about the colors and the shapes. Then, he practiced sorting the colors into matching little plastic bowls. He's not quite there yet, but he did pick up a yellow piece and say, "bellow" while we were playing, so I think some of it is sticking. It's hard to take pictures when we are doing the learning section of our day because I like to be 100% present. So, I just included an extra picture of play. The shape sorter we have is this one.

We did many other things today, but those were our actionable, checklist items. It feels great to get through the list!

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