Monday, September 16, 2019

365: Play-Doh Day

September 16 is Play-Doh Day. Play-doh was originally marketed to clean wallpaper. It wasn’t used for playfor nearly 20 years after it hit the markets. Play-Doh Day is a day to celebrate the fun childhood craft.
It seemed like another good day to use the Filsat table. The large bucket had three lumps of play-doh. One small bucket had tools: dough rolling pins, stampers, and Jude favorite cup (he put anything that will fit into it). The other small bucket had loose parts: rings, animals, wooden coins, and peg people. To bring it all together, Jude’s name was spelled out between the buckets. I try to expose Jude to the letters of his name as often as possible. 
Jude is at a very curious age (almost 16 months), so he always touches everything before starting. For the most part, I just let him play. I did model a few things for him, however. I modeled using the tools to make impressions. I also modeled creating different shapes like rolling it into a ball or a long snake. Other than that, I let him go crazy. I played with him when he seemed interested in doing that and worked on my own thing when he needed some independence. 
When I model for Jude, I do something I used to do when I taught. It’s the concept of “I do, we do, you do”. I’ll do it for Jude to see. We both do it together. Then, Jude does it! Because of his age and the importance of repetition, normally, the “I do” and the “we do” are done over and over. Honestly, there’s nothing as sweet as when Jude get to the “you do”! It's important to model, model, and model some more! 

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