Sunday, September 15, 2019

365: International Dot Day

September 15 is International Dot Day. International Dot Day is a holiday created to celebrate creativity. It encourages people to make your mark and see where it takes you. We took the idea of creativity and the idea of dots, mixed them together, and had a fun day full of celebration.
We started our day early with a dot inspired breakfast. Our dot inspired breakfast was made up of blueberries and miniature pancakes. The perfect roundness of each gave off some sweet polkadot vibes. In an added bonus, Jude made a polkadot mess all over his face with the blueberries.
Later in the day, I pulled out the Filsat table. Using regular and jumbo waterbeads and some tools, Jude, Jay, and I played for a couple hours outside. Jude enjoyed transferring the beads from one container to the other. Since they are so slippery, Jude got an extra workout for his fine motor skills.
We ended the day with a dot sticker counting activity. While Jude and Jay were doing bath, I took dot stickers and stuck them in lines 1-10. After, we counted them together. We have been trying to count as often as possible while pointing to physical representations of the numbers to help create the synapse Jude needs to truly understand numbers instead of just memorizing them.
Dot Day helped rekindle a little bit of my creativity for odd holidays, so stay tuned for more themed play ideas soon!

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