Sunday, September 8, 2019

365: Grandparent's Day

September 8 is Grandparent's Day. Grandparents are an important part of a family structure, and Jude is lucky enough to have six grandparents (and one great-grandparent).
We wanted to make something special for each grandparents. Letting Jude color and then it into a card was the easiest, but Jude wasn’t really in the mood. He’sgetting more teeth and his focus just wasn’t there. Instead, I took Jude’s favorite things and turned that into grumpy boy art work. For instructions, see the end of the post. 
We stopped by first to see Gramma and Pawpaw. Jude gave the cards to them and then ran around their house. Jude started walking this week, and we can’t stop him from moving around now! 
Later on, Nonnie and Poppy came over to play. They loved their cards. Jude was so happy to see them! WeFaceTime them a lot but it had been a while since he saw Poppy. 
Finally, Nana and Pappy came over and played with Jude for a while. It was a fun filled day and a great wayfor Jude to spend some quality time with his grandparents!

Grumpy Boy Art Work

  • Crayons
  • Plastic shoe box
  • Cardstock
  • Place paper inside of the shoe box. The paper curves some and that's okay. 
  • Put as many crayons as you want in the box
  • Have the child shake the box. I sang a song with this part (all you gotta do it shake shake shake shake shake the crayons up shake the crayons up).
  • Allow the child to toss the crayons in the box. This makes extra fun marks.

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