Thursday, July 18, 2019

365: World Listening Day
July 18 is World Listening Day. World Listening Day began in 2010 to honor R. Murray Schafer for his contributions to the study of acoustic ecology. This year’s theme is listening with.
To fit this year’s theme, Jude and I listened outside. We listened with the birds, plants, and bugs. We talked about the sounds the world produces and how they were listening too.
We also made sure to intentionally do something we often do for entertainment in stores. I call it the listening game. It’s very easy. Most people probably do it. All you do is give short easy requests to practice listening (and comprehension) skills. For example, I’ll ask Jude to wave, clap, and point to his nose. Taking the time to do this while we shop keeps Jude entertained and also helps him learn. The best part is that it’s easy and free! 

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