Friday, July 19, 2019

365: Stick Your Tongue Out Day

July 19 is Stick Your Tongue Out Day. Jude has been preparing for this day his whole life. He loves to stick his tongue out. From month 6-12, he spent more timewith his tongue out than in.
Naturally, like all toddlers, Jude prefers to do things when he wants to, so he only stuck his tongue out when the camera was down. Luckily, we had plans to go see some animals who love to stick out their tongue and eat some food!
We are up in Port Clinton at Lake Erie for a long weekend, so we decided to head to African Safari Wildlife Park to see those silly tongue sticking out animals. It’s a drive througho park where you can feed the animals from the car. Their property is large and the animalsonly come up if they want. Most of them actually stayed in the water or in the shade. We had Mitch help Jude feed the animals (really Mitch fed the animals and Jude got to watch). Jude loved it. He smiled and giggled and got to observe the animals up close! It was aninteresting new experience for him.

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