Tuesday, July 30, 2019

365: Paperback Book Day

July 30 is Paperback Book Day. Paperback books are something that we generally try to avoid for Jude currently. He loves to tear things. So, instead of just reading a book, we created our own paperback books.
The Target Dollar spot has blank books 8/$3 dollars right now, so we used those. The Cousin Crew each got a book and a tub of ultra washable makers to share. The only instruction was to do whatever they wanted.
Jude still loves to put everything in his mouth. This made it a little tricky. Mitchy helped keep him on the paper, but for the most part Jude made his own marks.
Since scrabbles are only the start of a story, I took Jude's scribbles and made it into his first paperback book. I added doodles to the scribbles and created the story of Eli Eddleston the Fish! It was a fun activity for Jude, and I had a really nice time creating the story. It was a win-win!

Here is our story:

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