Monday, July 29, 2019

365: International Tiger Day

July 29 is International Tiger Day. The holiday exists to raise awareness for the conservation of tigers.
To celebrate, Jude and Quinn went on a little safari. We set up some stuffed animals (we used large Melissa and Doug animals, but any size would work). Mitchy and HahHah were kind enough to push Jude and Quinn around the yard to see the animals. They had DIY binoculars to observe the animals.
The activity was great for gross-motor work (pushing themselves around a little bit), vestibular work (keeping their feet up and balancing while being pushed around), animal identification, and sound mimicking (each animal's sound). They were great little explorers!

DIY Binoculars

1. toilet paper rolls
2. string
3. super glue
4. hole punch (or X-Acto knife)

1. Use hole punch or x-acto knife to create a small hole in opposite sides of each set of rolls
2. Attach with superglue. You will need to hold the rolls together for a few seconds to make sure the glue bonds.
3. Use string to create a neck strap by tying through each hole to connect.

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