Saturday, July 6, 2019

365: Odd Day Between July 4th and the Weekend Day

July 5 is a brand new holiday. It's called that Odd Day between July 4th and the Weekend Day. I created it when I realized that we had a random day between an off day for Jay and the weekend. It shall be celebrated on July 5 when July 4 is on a Thursday.
To celebrate the day, we did the treasure basket I had created for the 4th but it was too busy to get done. I found all of the items at the Dollar Tree (disclaimer: the Dollar Tree is not known for its products staying together well, so please be extra careful of small parts). In the basket was a red, white, and blue jingle bell door hanger, two intact red, white, and blue flower lei, one deconstructed red, white, and blue flower lei (just the silk flowers), and four styrofoam patriotic ribbon wands. 
Jude had the most fun with the jingle bells, but also had a fun time exploring the different textures of the treasure basket. The important thing about treasure baskets is to have a variety of different shapes, sounds, and textures for the child to explore. I try to make my treasure baskets a lot of different colors as well, but since this was Independence Day themed, I just went with red, white, and blue. I like to set up treasure baskets in the middle of the playroom floor. This allows Jude to discover it on his own time in whatever way he wants to. We sat and played together when he found it. We talked about the colors, sharing, and the different textures. I spend a lot of time playing alone next to him. By doing this, I can jump in whenever he wants to interact with me. 

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