Thursday, July 4, 2019

365: Independence Day

July 4 is Independence Day in the United States. I had a beautiful play tray planned, but it didn't fit into the crazy busy day we had. We will be doing it tomorrow for an unofficial holiday I deemed "That Awkward Day Between July 4 and the Weekend" Day. So instead of a play tray for today, I will show you how we celebrated the holiday.
Our celebration started last night. We went to the Coney Island Balloon Glow. There you can see hot air balloons, and they'll even let you stand in the basket! After, they put on a fireworks show. It was Jude's first time watching fireworks. He seemed to love it other than the very loud finale.
Today, we went to the Northside July 4 Parade. It was painfully hot, but the parade is colorful, upbeat, and fun. Jude clapped and waved to the marchers. There were a lot of smiles.
We ended our celebration with a BBQ at Katie's house with Q. It's lovely to get to spend a little extra time with the people we love! Happy 4th!

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