Sunday, July 7, 2019

365: Macaroni Day

July 7 is Macaroni Day. It's a day to celebrate that delicious carb-filled treat.
We went the not eating route to get a little sensory play in. We have been using the play tray a lot this week, and the weather was nice, so we went outside to play with it. I set up some macaroni noodles (and some other noodles) in his dry water table. I set out some of his sensory tools, cups, and bowls and let Jude play with his cousin Liz.
Jude loves to run his fingers through different textures, so he wiggled his hands around almost immediately. He also enjoyed putting the pasta in the cups and shaking it around. When Jude finished, I put the macaroni in a ziploc bag to reuse for a later project!

Macaroni "Water" Table

1. dried noodles
2. a water table, or another large container
3. measuring cups, bowls, etc.

1. Pour dried noodles directly in the dry water table
2. Mix cups and bowls throughout
3. Play!

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