Thursday, July 11, 2019

365: Blueberry Muffin Day

June 11 is Blueberry Muffin Day. Blueberry muffins are delicious, but I am not a great baker, so we went with a boxed mix.
First, an honest moment, I struggle sometimes with how the blog has daily content. It's a lot to do. Many of our days are planned around whatever odd holiday is happening. Often, this is fun, but occasionally, it is tough. Today was a reminder that these holidays are worth it. I never would have baked with Jude at this age. I would have assumed him to be too small and moved on. Instead, I gave it a try and we had the best time.

I set the ingredients out before I brought Jude in the kitchen. I measured what we needed, opened all the bags, and had the whisks out. This helped a lot to keep the baking moving.
I didn't get to take pictures of everything we did because I needed both hands to help guide Jude, but I did let him help with every step. I even let him help crack the eggs open and put them in the bowl. We used the learning tower, so he was able to reach the counter and see everything that we did on his level.
It got a little messy. Jude accidentally flung the batter all over the counter and me when he was trying to stir. We had a good laugh about it.
While I cleaned up, I pushed Jude to the sink and let him clean off the cups and whisks. The sink rinsed most of it but he did get to dunk the cups which helped clean.
Right after dinner, we enjoyed the spoils of our labor and ate blueberry muffins. They were delicious!

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