Sunday, August 18, 2019

365: Bad Poetry Day
August 18 is Bad Poetry Day. If the poem doesn’t rhyme when it probably should or it makes no sense, we are here to celebrate it.
In our house, we celebrated by putting dad on the spot and having him make up poem for Jude. Jay used the books we were reading as inspiration, and we all had a few good laughs. So without future ado, Jay’s bad poetry.
I. Bubbers and dad read a book 
We took the book and it shook shook shook 
The book told us to make some noise
Poems don’t always rhyme. 

II. Rose are red 
This book’s about bunnies
When we turn the page
It’s not funny. 

III. This book is about kittens
Kittens without mittens
They must be cold in July. 

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