Monday, June 3, 2019

365: Leave the Office Early Day

June 3 is Leave the Office Early Day. Our office is technically our house, so we woke up early to have a fun-filled day for Dude! Here's what we did when we left our "office" early.
1. We finally made it library
We used to go to library twice a week, but then we started sleeping later and later. Leaving the office early gave us the chance to go back. Jude had so much fun that we are going to start trying to go every Monday!

2. We got to Katie and Q's early, played, and then had Chipotle for lunch.
We are always late, but we were early today. Since we were in the market of having fun, we decided to go to a splash pad.

3. We went to the Woodland Mound Splash Pad
We had so much fun splashing around the splash pad with Q.

It was crazy how much more fun we were able to pack in since we woke up early and got out of the house!

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