Sunday, June 2, 2019

365: Bubba Day

June 2 is Bubba Day. Bubba is a nickname given to brothers or just as a term of endearment given by family and close family friends. Jude's Aunt Keke calls him (and his twin cousins) bubba, so we thought we would just celebrate our sweet little bubba today!
We tried a couple new things with our little bubba today. We went to Top Golf, probably the least baby friendly place in the world. Jude had a lot of fun playing with a golf club in the far far back away from the drop. He even got to golf a little bit with the help of Jay!
We also got our sweet bubba some new food to try at Texas Roadhouse. We got him steak and broccoli. He loved them both!

It was a silly little holiday but it gave us an excuse to try new things with our bubba!

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