Tuesday, June 18, 2019

365: International Picnic Day

June 18 is International Picnic Day. Jude and I were hoping to have a picnic outdoors, but there were thunderstorms all day, so we had to move our picnic inside.
I took the opportunity today to allow Jude to start helping me in the creation of lunch. A few weeks ago, we found a learning tower for sale on marketplace and Jude started standing with me when I make lunch but not really helping. Today, Jude helped.
Jude helped place the cheddar bunnies on the plates. I showed him how to move the bunnies from their Tupperware container to the plate and he mostly mimicked me. The dogs ended up with a decent amount but we took the time to clap for Jude when he got the bunnies on the plate. This praise helped give him the confidence to keep helping. I have noticed that when we clap for his accomplishments, Jude is more likely to stay engaged with what we are doing and seems more willing to try new things.
Jude's other job was to wash the grapes. We got
these faucet extenders to let Jude take a more active roll in the kitchen and in washing his hands. They are made for bathroom sinks, so it wasn’t as successful as I had hoped but it did extend it just enough for Jude to reach. I gave Jude some grapes in a bowl and let him rinse them off. He had quite the time splashing and it was nice for it to be contained for once. 
We ended up eating our picnic lunch standing in the kitchen because Jude was happy there. After lunch, we washed our hands, and Jude took it upon himself tostart cleaning up our dishes by rinsing them. He’s such a smart little guy! 

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