Thursday, May 30, 2019

365: Water a Flower Day

May 30 is Water a Flower Day. The day is simple and to the point. You have to water flowers to celebrate.
For a while, I have been talking about creating a small kids garden outdoor area to our backyard. We officially broke ground last weekend. There will be flower boxes that the kids can use as their own personal gardens, but that wasn't ready yet.
The plan was to spend the day adding flowers to our boxes and then watering them. We were going to go to White Oak Gardens and pick out flowers. Instead, it rained all day and Jude grumped through his 5th ear infection. We cheated a little and since Mother Nature watered the flowers, we decided to take a break. We did make it out to a play date and get ready for our beach trip a little, so we were still busy. It was a just survive day.

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