Wednesday, May 29, 2019

365: Learn About Composting Day

May 29 is Learn About Composting Day. Composting is the art of using kitchen waste to create rich nutrients for your garden.
We celebrated by creating our own composting bin. I read a few tutorials online and mixed them together to create our method!

1. a plastic tub
2. drill
3. dried leaves or newspaper
4. dirt

1. Drill holes in the bottom of your bin to aerate.
2. Add a base of dried leaves or newspaper (1/8-1/4 full)
3. Add dirt until the container is half full.
4. Add compost
5. Stir.
6. Moisten (not too much water though!)
7. Drill holes on the top
8. Fill and stir as needed.

It's going to be an adjustment to remember to save compostable material, but I am excited to show raise Jude in a home that composts!

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