Wednesday, May 15, 2019

365: Numeracy Day

May 15 is Numeracy Day. Numeracy Day exists to celebrate numbers and how they are used in every day life. We celebrated World Mathematic Day a few months ago, but numeracy is important enough that I had no problem celebrating a similar day.We did a two main activities to celebrate Numeracy Day.

Activity One: Counting fingers and toes

Jude is at such a gloriously giggly age. He especially laughs when you play with his piggies (feet). We started our day with a simple numeracy activity: counting fingers and toes. I sang a little song that went "one toe, tickle. two toes, tickle tickle [etc]". I hope that the giggling made a positive connection between numbers and fun.

Activity Two: Pool Noodle Number Stack

I have been meaning to do this activity for a while, and this seemed like the perfect day to pull it out. Jude has been interested in stacking activities and posting activities recently, so I combined the two and made a number stacking game using a cut pool noodle, a metal paper towel holder, and a sharpie. I had a six-sided pool noodle, so I decided to write on four sides (numeral, word, Roman numeral, and dots). I will list the instructions below. I sat with Jude and handed him the numbers in order to put on the holder.

Jude had fun, and I loved this activity in particular because it will grow with him. When he's a little older, I can mix the numbers and have him stack them in order himself. He also can use it to learn Roman numerals when he's even older than that. I love activities that can be used for years and years!
1. Carefully cut a pool noodle with an xacto knife into roughly 1" slices.
2. Write the numbers on the noodle with sharpie (or you could do dots, the words for numbers, letters, or nothing)
3. Have the child stack the pool noodle slices on the thinner part of the paper towel roll.

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