Thursday, May 16, 2019

365: Drawing Day

May 16 is Drawing Day. The day was formed to encourage people of all skill levels to create and share their art. We love art, so we celebrated by drawing.
I wanted to mix up Jude's medium a little bit. We have painted and used crayons. We have also used markers a couple times, but we have never used colored pencils.
Colored pencils worked out surprisingly well. They aren't as easy to scrape up with your teeth (like crayons) and they aren't painfully messy (like markers and paint). I was worried about Jude struggling to hold the thin pencils, so I found these thicker colored pencils that were much easier to grasp for him.

It has been a while since we sent some happy mail to some of Jude's baby friends around the country, so I had him draw on one side of blank postcards. I used painter's tape to keep them down on his highchair tray. He happily drew. Below are some of Jude's drawings. We hope you get out and make some art!

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