Monday, April 8, 2019

365: Zoo Lovers Day

April 8 is Zoo Lovers Day, and we sure do love the zoo! We have visited three zoos so far (Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and Columbus) and have plans to visit many more this summer! Zoos are top contributors to animal conversation, and we think that's pretty cool! To celebrate Zoo Lovers Day, we did a couple different zoo fun things with our friend Q.
We started with making little homes for the animals. Using Mega Bloks and stacker cups, we created a couple little cages. Mega Bloks are such a good introduction to STEM concepts, so I have been trying to integrate them into play as often as possible.
I read Jude and Q the book Fiona's Feelings while Jude held a hippo stuffed animal. Jude wanted to read the book after, so I gave it to him to flip through. I recently read that letting babies turn book pages helps them become more active readers.
We went through all of the animals and made their sounds. Q copied my elephant sound. Jude liked the monkey the most. For sounds I was unsure of, like the flamingo, I asked Alexa to play them for me. I love using technology for things like listening to animal sounds. It gives an added layer to this type of play.

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