Sunday, April 7, 2019

365: Beaver Day

April 7 is Beaver Day. Beavers are odd little animals. They have orange teeth infused with iron. Their eyelids are clear.  To celebrate the day, we did what beavers do best: build and play in the water.
We started by watching a video about beavers and listening to beaver sounds. The video was short and informative. It shows beavers chewing on wood and building a dam. I used this to kick off our activity.
For our activity, we made a simple play tray dam. We used our new Mega Blocks to build the dam. I let Jude pick out some of the blocks that we used. While we built, I let Jude explore each new block, and we talked about beavers.
After a little baby deconstruction and a rebuild, we tested out our dam. The water stayed on one side and Jude was transfixed by it. He splashed around while we created a little house on one side just like the beavers do.
The older that Jude gets the more he's mimicking and engaging when we work on things, especially animals. He seems to enjoy getting to experience the animal using some different senses.

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