Wednesday, April 3, 2019

365: World Party Day

April 3 is World Party Day. Wednesday is one of the only days of the week that Jude doesn't have a playdate, so we threw a classic tea party for Jude's stuffed animals.
Jude got this adorable fruit tea set for Christmas. We hadn't had the opportunity to pull it out to play yet. Today seemed like the perfect day.
I set it up as an invitation to play while Jude was napping. I took the tea set and set it up on the floor of the playroom with some of his stuffed animals. He crawled right to the set up when I put him down and Hulk smashed through everything. He's a little wrecking ball.
Since a tea party isn't a tea party without snacks, Jude and I had some puff. For drinks, we had water (Jude) and bottled tea (me) but we pretended it was hot tea.
I took the time to talk to each of his animals. I asked them how they were, what was new in their lives, etc. I told them it was nice to see them. I made a point to hand them to Jude to "talk to" as well. He babbled a little bit at them. It was a nice way to practice social graces.
After we talked to the animals, I poured Jude and I some pretend tea, and I helped him sip it. He sat on my lap after and tried to help me take sips too. It was a precious reminder that little eyes watch and mimic. I would say it was a very successful first tea party!

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