Thursday, April 25, 2019

365: Thank You Thursday

April 25 is Thank You Thursday. I can't think of a better time to say a big THANK YOU to our readers and followers. We have been on this journey for almost 1/3 of a year. We have been having so much fun, and we appreciate you following along with us on this journey!
To celebrate Thank You Thursday, we made thank you cards for people that we love and appreciate. It was a collaborative effort between Jude, Q, Athena, Jacob, and Sean involving some things we had around the house, paint, and a lot of shaking!
This particular project let the kids use their gross motor skills by shaking, patting, and dancing with the boxes. We were also able to make some hypotheses about how the different shapes would affect the paint. The project was fun for all the kids 11 months to 4 years, and it was perfect for this rainy day. It involves little to no prep, the process is mess free, and the clean up is easy.

Materials Needed: 
1. three shoe boxes - I use the plastic dollar ones that you can get at Walmart or Target. I have a lot of these because they're great for storage and art projects.
2. acrylic paint - liquid watercolor would also probably work pretty well, but it may stain your objects
3. three different types of small objects to move around the box - we used open plastic eggs, little Easter rubber ducks, and a spiky ball. Anything plastic (for ease of cleaning) would work.
4. paper - I swear by watercolor paper. It absorbs all paint well.

1. Put the paper in the box. I curved mine because I needed all the paper I could get for the cards.
2. Put a little bit of paint in. I found that three colors was the sweet spot.
3. Put your objects in.

4. Seal the tops. I found that just sealing them was enough to stop the kids from opening them, but tape could work here too.
5. Give them to the kids and let them do whatever they want to get the objects moving. My gang passed the boxes, shook them, danced around with them, and drummed with them.

6. (optional) talk to the kids about the patterns the paint is making with the objects and compare/contract the patterns.
7. Pull them papers out of the box and let them dry!
8. Enjoy!

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