Saturday, April 13, 2019

365: Scrabble Day

April 13 is Scrabble Day. Scrabble is a game that I enjoy a lot, and I am looking forward to teaching Jude how to play when he is older. For today, we did a little introduction to the tiles in the form of our alphabet soup. I set up an invitation to play in his play tray outside and let him explore.
The contents of the tray were:
1. Scrabble tiles
2. Random kitchen utensils
3. Bowls
4. Water beads
While Jude moved the beads and letters around from container to container, I put our names in little bowls. I poured beads in mine and stirred. Jude is at an age where he loves to mimic what I do, so he tried his best to copy.
I did spend some time saying "no mouth" while Jude made attempts to eat both materials. He caught on pretty quickly and stopped eating them, but as always, make sure you are keeping a watchful eye when littles are playing with small materials.
Creating this "soup" opened up a lot of conversation. We were able to talk about letters, the process of creating soup (ingredients, stir, cook, serve), and the different textures. Jude also got to work on his fine motor skills and some problem solving skills. It was quick to set up and quick to clean!

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