Thursday, March 28, 2019

365: Opening Day

March 28 is Opening Day. It's a much anticipated and much loved holiday in our home. It marks the start of Major League Baseball. We try to go down to the game and the parade as often as possible, but with Jude being so young, we decided to skip this year and celebrate on our own.
We dressed in our best baseball gear. We cheer for the Reds and the Nationals and if they are playing each other, Jay roots for the Reds and I root for the Nationals. We will see where Jude's allegiances lie as he gets older. My guess is the Reds.

I made a play tray for Jude to mess around with. It's not the most complex play tray, but it has the element of fun and learning. We counted to three with the bases. We talked about the dinosaurs in each position. We talked about the positions of each player, and I showed Jude how the dinosaurs run the bases. Then, I let Jude play how he wanted, so he threw the magnets everywhere and laughed.
We rounded out our Opening Day celebrations by watching the Reds vs Pirates game. They won the game 5-3. Happy baseball season!

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