Wednesday, March 27, 2019

365: Manatee Appreciation Day

March 27 is Manatee Appreciation Day. The Cincinnati Zoo is one of the only places outside of Florida that does manatee rehabilitation. So, we borrowed Aunt Keke's manatee plush, and we went to visit some of the manatees that are being worked with there.
We learned some fun manatee facts while we were there:
1. Manatees are the most expensive animal to feed at the Cincinnati Zoo,
2. The Cincinnati Zoo manatees eat about 325 pounds of greens everyday.
4. Manatees eat romaine, kale, endive, spinach, napa, and bok choy.
5. The closest living relatives to manatees are elephants.
Jude enjoyed watching the manatees swim around. He kept pointing to them and looking back at me to make sure I was watching them too. The four manatees at the Cincinnati Zoo are Daphne, Pippen, Miles, and Matthews. They are all 3 yers old, and they vary in weight from 430 pounds to 715 pounds.
It was a lot of fun (and exhausting) to visit the zoo and see the manatees. We appreciated their beauty!

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