Thursday, March 14, 2019

365: Learn About Butterflies Day

March 14 is Learn About Butterflies Day (it's also Pi Day, but that felt a little too limiting this year). Butterflies seemed like a pretty fun thing for Jude to learn about, so we went with that. We had a lot more planned than we actually did. It was a sickish, rainy day.
We looked through a set of butterfly (and moth) flashcards that I love. They are from Twig and Moth on Etsy. I like to bring flashcards along when we go places so we can flip through them if Jude gets bored. Twig and Moth has some of the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen. Jude loved looking at the pictures and turned to me to name them.
We also looked through the pages of Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman that spoke about butterflies. There is a page that outlined butterfly attracting flowers. I think we will plant some when the weather is consistently warm so we can study butterflies more!

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