Wednesday, March 13, 2019

365: Jewel Day

March 13 is Jewel Day. I spent longer than I'm willing to truly admit on trying to find large enough craft jewels that Jude could play with without a choking risk. I really wanted something similar to these Grimms wooden gems without the price tag (the quality of Grimms is totally worth it, I just can't see us using these too often).
I instead went with using some gemstones I have from my crystal collection. I had to keep a closer eye on Jude with these, but I was able to find some the were appropriately sized.
We did a seek and find rice play bucket. Our play tray isn't deep enough to provide an adequate challenge for Jude. The rice was left over and saved from our Valentine's sensory tray.
Jude really enjoyed the act of searching for the jewels. He's gotten better and better at not throwing the sensory materials out of the bins. I made sure to give him a lot of praise when he found one, so he kept searching. Happy Jewel day!

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