Monday, March 18, 2019

365: Companies that Care Day

March 18 is Companies that Care Day. There is actually a list published of the companies that are the best to their employees based on a whole list of criteria. My original plan was to support one of those companies, but it turned out that the overwhelming majority of them are tech companies that don't actually sell things that Jude could benefit from.

So instead, I decided that I was going to support small businesses that care.. for their families. That's a fancy way of saying that Jude and I decided to support a few small businesses run by moms.

We purchased two things:

1. Unicorn doll by Fawn and Faye.

The front of the unicorn is the picture above, and it was made by a beautiful mama, Bre, that I have had the pleasure of meeting through a Facebook mom group. Her daughter was actually born the day before Jude was! She will be opening an Etsy shop soon named Fawn and Faye.
Each animal is handmade by Bre, and 15% of each doll sold will go to a non-profit in NYC called Solving Kids' Cancer. When her shop opens and Jude's beautiful unicorn arrives, I will be dedicating a whole blog to talk about Fawn and Faye. It's important for moms to support moms!

2. An Intentional Homeschool Bundle

I will not be homeschooling Jude, but the resources in the homeschooling community online are the perfect addition to our home. I want Jude to grow up constantly learning based on his curiosities and resources like this help me help Jude learn!

I am excited about all of the products, but I wanted to highlight two companies that I was most excited to see products from.
An old favorite, Twig and Moth. Alice's artwork is just incredible. We already have a few resources from her, and I jumped at the chance to get more!
And a new to us shop, Brave Grown Home. The artwork is beautiful and the resources will definitely be used time and time again when we are outside exploring! 

There are also dozens more resources by equally amazing moms in the bundle. If you're interested in a homeschool bundle, check out Intentional Bundles to see what is live! 

It was nice to support businesses run by moms, and I will definitely continue doing so in the future!

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