Monday, January 14, 2019

Messy Monday: Rainbow Snow

It snowed this weekend in Cincinnati. We haven't had a solid snow in years, so we bundled the baby up and took advantage of it while we could. Jude was moderately interested in the snow, but he wasn't a giant fan of being cold. While we were outside, I tried to problem solve how we could play in the snow without sitting in the cold. A sensory bin seemed to be the solution because it would allow us to control the cold. And thus the rainbow snow bin came to be.
Jude liked the colors of the bin. He explored the snow with his hands and shoved some in his mouth to taste. I brought some cups out for him to play with. He contently chewed on one while I created snow towers that he smashed down. We mixed the colors together and talked a lot about which color was which and how cold the snow is. 
After a while, the snow got mixed together and turned into a greenish brown color, so I decided to dump it out of the bucket onto the trash bag and let Jude kick around in it. It turned into a little bit of a mess, but he had fun exploring it! 

How to make rainbow snow: 

Step One: Get a bowl of snow
Step Two: Separate part into a small bowl and whisk in food coloring. 
Step Three: Pack into the bin by color.
Step Four: Leave outside until you're ready to play.

Step Five: Play!

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