Monday, January 14, 2019

365: Organize Your Home Day

January 14 is Organize Your Home Day. Since it would take probably 365 straight days of Organize Your Home Days to organize mine top to bottom, I focused on one particular area -- the baby corner of the playroom. 

We have been doing purposeful play since Jude was born, but the corner dedicated to his developmental level in the playroom was not helping us play well. It had bins that were just overflowing with toys. This made it hard to stay on the same page with Jay with our play focus. It also made it hard for me to determine what toys should be used and when. I wanted this area to be more play friendly. 

I have been pretty obsessed with Australian Mom Instagram accounts recently, and many of them cycle different toys in every fortnight. They also focus on a more Montessori style of play where the child can reach all of the toys, each toy has its own place, and there are a variety of accessible toys that are rotated in. This inspired me to redo how I want Jude's playroom to function. 

Each toy (or sets of toys) was chosen intentionally to positively impact Jude's development. I tried to find a variety of toys that work with different physical, mental, and emotional skills. I also tried to make them as versatile as possible. For example, the play tray has animal magnets in it. With those magnets, we can work on his pincer grasp, colors, sounds, and sizes. His play scarves can be used for imaginative play, sorting, and sensory. Each toy is purposeful. 

In celebrating the organization day, Jude was less than helpful, but he did enjoy being piled in the toys we were going through. Below you will find our newly organized baby corner of the playroom! I provided links to what we have for your convenience (I have no affiliation with any of these products).
The new, more focused, baby shelf.

Sensory fabric wall. Inspired by Fun at Home with Kids

Sensory hardware wall. Also inspired by Fun at Home with Kids

Bottom: Basket of play scarves (Kmool and Sarah's Silks)

Top: Texture Basket (ballsBaby PaperSassy Ball)
Bottom: Baby Dolls (Cooper with feeding set and Everly

Top: Little People Tractor Set (new version)
Bottom: Homemade Sensory Bottles

Bottom: Various shakers

View of the whole area

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