Friday, January 11, 2019

365: Milk Day

January 11 was Milk Day. Per usual, Jude feasted on milkies all day. That didn't seem like enough fun though, so we decided on a science/art experiment with the cousins.

We got the experiment from Babble Dabble Do. Basically, you take milk, put food coloring in it, take a q-tip with dish soap on it and watch the colors explode. We didn't figure that Jude was going to be able to manipulate the q-tip very well, so we just used his finger with Dada's help. It gave the same beautiful effect that the q-tip did. We clapped and cheered when Jude made the colors explode. He beamed like he was the most magical person alive.

Babble Dabble Do explains the science behind all of it. If you have older children, it would be good to explain the science to them.

The 2 year old twins would have spent hours playing in the milk if we let them. They enjoyed watching the colors swirl. When the color started turning brown, they enjoyed using the q-tip to paint on a sheet of paper. It was a quick, fun activity that we will definitely be exploring more in the future.

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