Wednesday, January 23, 2019

365: Measure Your Feet Day

January 23 is Measure Your Feet Day. It definitely is the most practical of days we have encountered, especially since I have next to no idea how baby shoe sizing works.

We play a lot using our "piggies". Jude and I do the "piggy wave" every morning where we bounce our legs to the left, right, and center up in the air while we lay down. It's a fun morning tradition that always ends in laughter. This morning during the piggy wave, we talked about how we were going to measure our feet. I really hyped that his feet were so very big, and he thought that was hilarious.
For the actual measuring, I decided it would be more fun if we made some foot print art and measure that instead. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I killed two birds with one stone and made Jude's Valentine's Day cards. It's an easy project. Just paint the bottom of each foot and press down to make a footprint. If the kid is small enough to sit in a highchair, it's best to put them in the highchair and distract them while you do the prints. I bribed Jude with food. Cut the footprints down into card size and color over them. I used Tombow's fudenosuke brush pen and duel tip brush pen and a Papermate flair. A permanent marker would also get the job done if you had one sitting around.
After the paint dried, we measured Jude's feet! They are 4 3/8 inches!

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