Monday, January 7, 2019

365: Old Rock Day

January 7 is Old Rock Day. I was originally excited to listen to old rock and jam out, but after a little research I learned it meant actually physical old rocks. The day is primarily celebrated with the making of pet rocks or rock gardens, so I went ahead and let Jude make his very first pet rocks. They were marbled ones. We used our trusty shoebox to shake the rocks. Jude loved listening to and watching the rocks bang around. Instructions on how to make your very own marbled rock pet are below. 

Step One
Find rocks. We found some outside, cleaned them up and brought them in. You could just purchase some so they are clean to start. Since it was old rock day, we went with genuine old rocks.

Step Two
Gather paints. Three colors seemed to work the best.

Step Three
Let the kids choose between colors. This is very important in our house. We have been teaching autonomy from the very start, so we try to let Jude pick as much as possible.

Step Four
Squirt paint directly into the bucket. Don't worry! It washes off really easily.

Step Five
Let the kid shake it and bang it to their hearts content. I helped Jude get started but after he realized they made a boom sound, he did it on his own.

Step Six
Take the cap off and let the rocks dry for a couple of hours.

Step Seven
Enjoy your handiwork. At this point, you can use paint markers to draw eyes or any other decoration on them and then seal with mod podge.

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