Thursday, March 7, 2019

365: Frozen Food

March 7 is Frozen Food Day, and this holiday felt like the perfect time play with our (frozen) food.

Jude loves clementines. He will, without fail, reach for clementines before he reaches for any other food. I exploited this love and I froze them in ice cube trays and then dumped them into his play tray.
I gave Jude a variety of tools to try to unfreeze the ice. I have seen similar activities done with older children, but never ones as small as Jude. Jude has been doing a great job watching and then mimicking what I do, so I figured we would see how he did with this.
I gave Jude a squirt bottle of warm water, a squirt bottle with warm salt water, and his beloved yellow hammer. He explored the tools and the ice for a minute before ultimately picking the hammer to bash. I used the squirt bottle and Jude watched in amazement as the ice melted. I ate the delicious (but freezing cold) orange slice which just further motivated Jude.
Jude struggled a little bit with the size of the squirt bottles. He understood the squeezing concept, but the bottles were a little too heavy for him. Luckily, Jay stepped in to save the day.
Jude loved playing with the ice clementines so much that he threw a fit in the transition to another activity. I can't wait until summer when he can spend longer playing with similar activities. This is a messy activity, so I would recommend doing it on tile or outside!

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