Sunday, February 9, 2020

Bouncing Away the Winter Blues

I'm not sure what it is about this specific winter, but goodness has it been hard to beat the winter blues. Jude and I are both tired and grumpy most of the time. Our motivation is low. It hasn't been great. While reflecting on this the other day, I realized that when we are stuck inside, Jude is most happy when he is physically moving around. So, here is a list of activities and toys we have used this winter to bounce away the winter blues!

1. Movement Songs on our Google Mini

This is a surefire way to get Jude to smile. Some of our favorites are on the playlist below!
CCM-Movement Playlist

2. Nugget Comfort Couch

I sing the praises of the Nugget often on this blog, but truly it's saved us this winter season. Jude is getting more excited and more brave about climbing and sliding down. He's also getting strong enough to start moving some of the cushions how he wants. Just dragging them from place to place helps get some energy out as well. If you don't have a nugget, couch cushions and pillow forts could take the place of this energy busting activity too!

3. Trampoline

We have a Little Tikes Trampoline in the playroom. In the fussiest of moments, I will ask Jude if he needs to go bounce, and he will take his pouty self to the trampoline and bounce away. It's good for his vestibular system and honestly just a whole lot of fun. 

4. Pikler Triangle

We have had our pikler for almost a year now. Jude used it to start pulling up. He climbed on it before he could even fully crawl. It's our number one energy buster no matter the season. He just learned recently how to climb over the top of it and go down the other side. He spends hours during the day going up and down and up and down, and he is just so proud when he does! It gives off a very playground activity vibe which helps us both pretend that we are spending our days outside.

5. Tumbling

I cannot recommend more going to a tumbling class if you have a kids gym near you. We have been going weekly since Jude was 2 months old to Kids First Sports Center in Blue Ash, and it has done wonders for him. He gets to socialize with other similarly aged children. He gets to play on thousands of dollars of equipment that I could never provide for him. And best of all, especially during this cold dark winter, tumbling puts Jude in his best mood. He leaves happy. He spends the rest of the day happy. It's lovely. 

Winter is the worst. It is even worse when you have a toddler that thrives on physical activity. I hope you got a few ideas from this, and if you have any suggestions, I would love to see them in the comments! 

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