Sunday, December 29, 2019

365: Tick Tock Day

December 29 is Tick Tock Day. I can loudly hear this decade ticking away minute by minute. With only three days left of 2019, this day is dedicated to doing things that you meant to do before the year is over.
Today felt like a good day to pick an activity that I have been meaning to do with Jude and finally do it. I've seen a lot of variations of this card drop activity all around the internet. Jude has been excited recently with transferring thing from one container to another and back and back and back, so this felt like the perfect opportunity for him.
Set up was easy. I hoard recycled containers, much to Jay's dismay, so I already had this grits container sitting around the house. I took some scissors, pressed down and made a slash in the top, cut an appropriately size hole, and grabbed some cards. Voila! You have a card drop activity.
I could have never imagined just how much Jude would love this activity and how many skills he used when doing it. He put the cards through the top. He opened and shut the lid. He pulled cards from the table (they're so slick that it was much harder than one would think). He packed all the cards away, dumped them, and did it again and again. His fine motor skills were being put to the ultimate test.
Jude was deeply engaged with this for well over 30 minutes and really only left it because I got up to get some water. If you have a toddler, do this activity. I put it on Jude's shelf for this rotation to play with as he wants.

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