Tuesday, December 31, 2019

365: New Year's Eve

December 31 is New Year's Eve. This marks the 365th holiday that Jude and I celebrated together this year. It wasn't always easy for either of us. Some days, Jude wasn't in the mood to participate. Some days, I just felt wiped. But, we persisted, and here we are a year later! We celebrated the holidays in  14 different states, in cars, at friend's houses. Jude grew from a barely sitting baby to a toddler that runs and talks. I grew from a sort of directionless newly SAHM to a mom blogger, Tinkergarten leader, and student of all things baby development and play!
For our celebration, we looped it all the way back around to the first activity that we did for the blog a year ago today. This is the post. Basically, we interacted with balls to celebrate a countdown to Noon Years. Jude spent a lot of time in a ball pit and watching balls roll. The ball dropping is such a big part of New Year's in the US.
I haven't put Jude's ball pit out in forever, so he was in heaven when he realized it was in the playroom. He swam all around the pit, dunked the balls, and kicked his feet all around. I brought over his tumbling wedge, and we rolled balls down it and watched in wonder as physics took charge and it rolled down with little effort.
Jude decided after not too long that he wanted to slide himself down. There were many giggles from both of us. It was a nice time for Jude and I to bond just mommy and dude.
Thank you to everyone who followed this 365 adventure. While we won't be blogging every single odd holiday next year, there will be 3-4 blogs that come out during the week with easy play activities, the struggles of mom-ing a toddler, and fun lists. If you would like a daily dose of Chicka Chicka Mama, join our Facebook group Chicka Chicka Mamas. It's a community to support moms and play!

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